A dash of sass

Long story short: Richly indulgent and as pretty as a picture, the Sassy Spoon is a glorious getaway

This is the part where I normally blither on along down a random path while I build up to the bits and bobs that we all love to see and dig into. But honestly, I haven’t got enough ammo to go on. My visit to Sassy Spoon (along with Yatin and Nika) was a bit of an afterthought as were hunting down good, nay, great dessert in the area. I only sampled 3 desserts in my time here, but what a splendid three desserts they were. Exquisitely beautiful, Sassy Spoon has earned a reputation for desserts that delight with every bite, and so it was in my brief time here too.

You light up my...day. Not life. You're not that pretty
You light up my…day. Not life. You’re not that pretty

Beautiful women and gorgeous food have two things in common; they always impress without trying too hard to do so. This axiom, however, also holds true for Sassy Spoon’s beautifully laid out interiors.

To step in is to be cocooned from the maelstrom that is Mumbai. Dimly lit and decorated lovingly with cute knick knacks such as travel trunks adorning an entire wall, the place is the love child of a bohemian joint and Parisienne cafe. The charming wooden tables, chairs with bright upholstery, design flourishes and bulbs that shone like glowworms trapped in orbit contributed in no small measure to this.

At some point while we were sitting and mulling over what to order, Yatin happened to notice Chef Irfan float on by, and he was kind enough to come and chat us with for a fair bit on what’s on the menu, new specials and recommendations for us. Genial and passionate, it is clear as daylight that he has poured himself wholly into the menu as he spoke at length about the food on offer (of which the Baked Fish, thankfully Rawas, with an Orange and Ginger reduction really caught my imagination). He left us richer for the experience and with a clearer idea of what it is we had to try.

The lovely Blueberry Pannacota
The lovely Blueberry Panna Cotta

Being lovers of all things Panna Cotta, it was a foregone conclusion that Yatin and Nika would plump for the Blueberry Panna Cotta. Studded with beautiful blueberries that shone like sapphires when the sunlight fell on it just so, the dish was a cross between niceness and tartness that served as a wonderful juxtaposition to each other. The creamy smooth Panna Cotta had a light texture that saw it go down very easily and the subtly crisp tartness of the blueberries served as a lovely counterpoint. Great as it was, it wasn’t even close to being the best dessert on the day.

Go Mango
Divine Mango with Malibu Tiramisu

Tiramisu, when made well, is a decadent dessert fit for the gods. It goes without saying that the Mango with Malibu Tiramisu that we sampled here was made very, very well indeed. I’m no fan of Mangoes (shock! horror!), and so I let the others plough through it so I could get to the Tiramisu that lay at the heart of the matter. Doused in Malibu, the Tiramisu was intense, refined and sophisticated, with the light airiness of the Tiramisu offset by the Malibu rushing through your palate as you work your way through it. This is a special dish that, sadly, will be off the menu soon given that the Mango season will soon be gone. Savour it while you still can.

The lovely Fennel Twist. Decadent and sinful, but oh so worth it
The lovely Fennel Twist. Decadent and sinful, but oh so worth it

And that brings us roundly to the finest dessert of the lot; the Fennel Twist. Take some Bread Pudding and infuse it with Fennel Liquer, add some layers of Gulab Jamun for texture and put a dash of Bourbon sauce in a tiny vat on the side. The resultant dish is dessert divinity that is instantly familiar and yet nothing like any bread pudding you’ve ever had. As you work your way through the moist, layered bread pudding and savour the light injection of fennel mixing with the gulab jamun that marks its territory oh-so-lightly, you have to supercharge your experience by dousing it all with a splash of bourbon sauce that elevates the dish to the pantheon of greats. A dish fit for the gods and royalty, this is a sublime dessert that is unmissable.

There is no treasure that lies within this, only a bill. Pretty little box though!
There is no treasure that lies within this, only a bill. Pretty little box though!

Tasteful and pretty more than sassy, the Sassy Spoon was whimsical and classy wrapped up in a stellar package. The place has serious personality, with its quirkiness shining through clearly in little touches such as the bill being brought to us in a tiny treasure chest that contained three miniature dark chocolate brownies for us. The place was seduction by sugar on the day, and I gave in to its long, lilting kiss with little resistance. It would be prudent for you to do likewise.

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