A slice so nice

Any way you slice it, there’s no escaping it. Pizza sits pretty much at the top of the food chain for little ol’ me. It’s the kind of love triangle I can absolutely get behind even if it’s cheesier than the plot to several Bollywood potboilers rolled into one.

However, there is a teeny, tiny problem, and it’s a pretty big one. Most Mumbai joints don’t really serve Pizza by the slice, the only one that comes to mind is Pizzaroma and they don’t really do it by the slice, so to speak. And so if you want to get your fix of Pizza, you better be damn sure you’re going to shove all that pie down your pie hole.

And that where 1 tablespoon Pizza Kitchen comes in.

Seriously. Size does matter
Seriously. Size does matter

Modelled on the lines of New York style pizza parlours, you can have pizza any which way you like it so long as it’s by the slice. For those among you going “pfftt, what do I do just with one goddamn slice? I work my way through an entire pizza like a hot knife through butter or a hot girl through a Mumbai crowd.”

Well, I got news for you, mudderfudder. Each slice is cut out of a 20 inch pizza, so you really will be biting off more than you can chew if you order the entire damned pizza. So don’t, unless you want to get absolutely destroyed. Or do so, whatever. It’s a free country.

Ah, Pepperoni. How many ways I love you.
Ah, Pepperoni. How many ways I love you.

With 5 vegetarian and 5 non vegetarian thin and crunchy pizzas on offer, there aren’t a alot of options on the menu, but there’s talk of extending that soon enough. Pick out your preferred slice of pizza and plonk your derriere on the chairs or high stools scattered around the tiny establishment. The clean look of the place is only broken by the tall pizza ovens used to make all those baked goods and greats.

Between 4 of us, we called for 5 pizza slices, and of them the Pepperoni was clearly the pick of the lot. The salt, spice, and heat all had a wonderful interplay in this simple, hearty pizza that always plucks at one’s heart strings. Ever so slightly chewy with a crackling rim, the fact that this pizza had just been taken out of the oven and plopped onto our plates certainly helped its case.

The surprisingly lovely Bianca
The surprisingly lovely Bianca

Carving a surprising place in our hearts was the Bianca, a medley of creamy onion sauce, mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes that made a delightful mouthful. The intensity of the sundried tomatoes was perfectly counterpunched with creamy, zingy onion sauce and I’d happily pass over some of the other non-vegetarian pizzas just to grab another bite of this.

Squint hard enough and it looks like Pacman
Squint hard enough and it looks like Pacman

Homely and oddly workable, the Tandoori Chicken is something I can easily see streaming out of my favorite Punjabi aunty’s oven. Mildly fiery with bits of capsicum and onion that wouldn’t have been out of place on a skewer, this dish was a bridge between Indian and Italian cultures even if it was more of the former. The pleasant punch of the protein made sure it was well liked across the table.

Surprise surprise, we quite liked the Tandoori Chicken Pizza!
Surprise surprise, we quite liked the Tandoori Chicken Pizza!

The sweet-savory hybrid that was the BBQ Pollo drew enough of a thumbs up from us even if it came towards the very end of our meal when we starting to get seriously full. The Fiama, however, was Hiroshama epitomized. A bite of it was enough to nuke your palate and this was just simply far too spicy to be enjoyable, and that’s a statement coming from a fan of all things fiery.

Just like the Fiama, the Cheese Garlic Roll was a completely unnecessary dish to have ordered. Essentially a dinner roll dressed up in globs of butter and cheese, this could best be described as the Bermuda Triangle of Dairy; no matter how much cheese and butter you pour into it, you just don’t know where it goes (hint: it goes to your waist) and there’s no worldly explanation for it.

Drink up! Here's the Raspberry Ice tea and Pink Lemonade
Drink up! Here’s the Raspberry Ice tea and Pink Lemonade

In a sea of pizza parlors that offer very similar experiences packaged in different ways, it is refreshing to see 1 Tablespoon strive to break out of the clutter with an option that the city has been crying out for, even if it didn’t know it was doing so. It’s not quite a slice of the good life yet, but a few tweaks to their menu, and 1 tablespoon could have you eating out of their hands in no time.

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