Paying obeisance to obesity at Fat Kid Deli

You know how you sometimes enter a rebound relationship after getting out of a particularly vexing one? Fat Kid Deli proved to be my rotund rebound when the Salad Bar (located right around the corner) dished out a bit of leafy listlessness.

The interiors veer towards a chic grunge look, as do many eateries these days, with a small number of booths and tables laid out sensibly so as to make the most of the minimal space. That was not our focus though, for legend told of legendary sizes when it came to the burgers over here, and it’s all we had eyes for. We limited our order to just 2 burgers split four ways, because we didn’t want anything to go to waste or to our waists, and some desserts to go (because who doesn’t like to end things on a sweet note, yeah?).

Confused between the PBJ sandwich, Chorizo Pui and Bahn Mi, we eventually plumped (right choice of word since the burgers here will put some meat on your bones with ease) for the Bahn Mi and the interesting sounding See-ra-cha Tonkatsu, since cooked kukkad is all Shravanika G could do off the menu (let’s just say she was off greens for the day).


Is a Bahn Mi burger Vietnamese food Americanized or American food with a dash of Vietnamese? Such existential questions were pushed to the back of the mind as we dug into the beautiful pulled pork that liberally dotted this burger. I love the spicy-sour burst that the jalapeño provided, even as I wished the wasabi mayo provided more of a spicy hit than it did. No matter though, this burger was a winner through and through. Although not as good as Indigo’s Pork Belly burger, this is less than half the price of that, so let that fact sink in a bit. Meanwhile, I’ll just sink my jaws into more of this.

Equally delectable was the See-ra-cha Tonkatsu (a fun name if ever I heard one; go on, say it in a Chinese accent with extra emphasis, you know you want to). The chicken fillet this burger sported was fantastic, boasting great crunch and giving way to protein that was perfectly cooked. I honestly enjoyed this even more than the Bahn Mi, which is saying something, and I think that has everything to do with that fantastic chicken fillet.


While I was stuffed at this point, we still grabbed some Nutella Sea Salt Waffles and adored the hazelnutty goodness of Nutella paired with the mildly salty hit that came with the waffles. Perfectly balanced by way of flavours, these sweet waffles also came in an extra large size, with all 4 of us getting more than enough food for thought. I’ll zip my pie hole before I start waffling on.

At one point, Shravanika also ordered a Vanilla coke, but I’m going to pretend she didn’t do that at all. Nope. Didn’t happen. Move on, nothing to see here.

Fat Kid puts the deli in delicious in style with burgers that pack fantastic flavours with even better VFM. I’m not exaggerating when I say each burger (served with a side of hand-cut fries) could be a meal in itself, so caveat emptor and all that. Fat Kids and prospective fatties in the making will plenty to chow on here, and I implore you to get your fat ass over here and give their burgers a fair shake, because their burgers made Mi feel like I was Bahn again. #Sorry. #NotSorry

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